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Mark Munson Military Silversmith

Having served a five year apprenticeship at the ­­ecclesiastical silversmiths Blunt and Wray in St Johns Street, Clerkenw­­­­ell in London, I started my own business making mostly ecclesiastical silver in 1978.

Five years later I received a call from the Regimental Sergeant Major of 40 Regimental The Royal Artillery, who asked me to make a 105mm Light Gun (some photographs of the work in progress are in the gallery). While still making church silver (by then I was just making one-off special commissions etc), I was starting to make more military silver – models, statues and centrepieces etc. I did for a time stop working for the military directly and started to make similar pieces for the special commissions department of Gerrards, The Crown Jewellers of Regent Street, London. The Rolls Royce pictured in the gallery was one of the largest jobs I made for them.

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After five or six years I started to work for the military directly again. Over the next 20 years I have made some of the largest and well knows pieces of silver, which includes the Lambton Worm for 4 Regimen Royal Artillery and the Seringapatan Centre piece for 40 Regiment Royal Artillery – both in the gallery.

The REME 50 Candlebra and the Gun Raid (Sergeants Mess of 40 Regiment Royal Artillery) which was a model based on a Joan Rankin Painting of the first Iraq War.

My commissions for the military are in the gallery, but I have missed many out, or the photographs were not good enough to include, but over the last 20 years or so I have made models of field guns, self propelled guns and centre pieces and statues for most regiments of the Royal Artillery, commissions for each battalion of the REME, as well as the REME Office School, The Army Air Corps – the largest being Herman Denkmol; 3 Regiment Army Aiir Corps. I made a huge model of a Warrior for the Royal Anglian regiment as well as numerous other commissions for their Officers Mess, including their presentation dishes. Pieces for the Light Infantry and the Signals Regiment, also the Golden Jubilee centrepiece for the Household Cavalry Regiment SergeantsMess and a pair of Jugs which were copies of originals by Paul Storr owned by the Officers Mess of the Household Cavalry Regiment.

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