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Military Silver Repair

For the last 25 years I have made models of self propelled guns (M109), field guns, a 105mm light gun, statues (historical and modern), missile systems, tanks, armoured personel carriers (Warrior), repair and recovery vehicles (REME Variant Warrior), helicopters for the Army Air Corps, radar systems for the Apachy helicopter, centre pieces and candelabra.

I have also made presentation pieces - cuff links for the Household Cavalry Regiment, lapel pins and tie clips for J Battery The Royal Artillery in addition to bowls and dishes in commemoration of service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As I know how things are made, I have vast experience of repairing and refurbishing military silver including presentation cups and bowls.

I would also be happy to buy your old and unwanted silver for cash or as part payment for a new piece or repair.

Freeman Freedom Of London
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